How can you get your marketing plans moving forward...

Without Cloning Yourself

or Hiring Another Full Time Marketer?

Marketing today is a balance between embracing new ideas, maintaining what's already working and letting go of what doesn't serve your goals anymore.

But how do you prioritize everything you've got going on when you've got the same budget, time and resources you've always had?

A great strategic marketing plan isn't just one thing, and it's most likely not ALL the things. It's about reaching the right audience, in the right place, with the right message.

You're a marketing leader that has the expertise and know-how to bring out the best in your team. Overseeing plan development, team dynamics, agency and vendor management, and measuring and reporting on performance stats - doesn't leave a lot of time or focus for your biggest ideas.

Like most of us, you're probably doing too much with too little. Diving in to the latest must haves, trends, and tech to make sure we're on the cutting edge of advertising, PR, events, social and content (and anything new that'll come along).

Creating a customized strategic marketing and action plan specific to your business requires dedicated time to set aside all the hype about the newest "thing" and focus on what works best for your goals.

You know the best creative results come from brainstorming with others. Collaboration is a hallmark of successful teams. Which is why when it comes to the big picture, you shouldn't have to do it alone. You need a partner to help you stop overthinking and start growing your business.

You need an extra Marketing Mind

Imagine having an accomplished partner who can bring an outside perspective to your business, help you multiply your efforts, bring your best ideas to the forefront, and connect you to the right specialists to get the work done!

I'm Geri Shaw and I want to be that extra Marketing Mind for you. I'll be there each month to provide strategic insight, focus, and planning support to help you get more of what you already do, DONE.

“Geri elicited deeper insights into consumer attitudes by asking thought provoking questions of the study participants and our team"

"We brought Geri in to consult on a national Marketing Research project that had a tight timeline and a lot of consumer participants. Her focus on streamlining the schedule helped us deliver the project to our client ahead of the deadline. Geri elicited deeper insights into consumer attitudes by asking thought provoking questions of the study participants and our team"

scott moshier

former director of consumer insights at Portico research

Whether you've been in marketing for decades or you're just starting out... you're in a business of constant change. Keeping up requires a lot of mindshare. What if you could have someone from the outside look inside your business and share the load?

I call this program Virtual marketing Mind

Monthly marketing strategy for overstretched Marketing leaders, Start Ups just figuring out where to start, and individual Business Owners working solo

Interested to know how this works?


step one:

Our first call will be an extended 2 hour onboarding session to review your business and marketing objectives and do a Resource Review to figure out how you can best use the teams and funding you have available to you to accomplish your goals


step two:

I'll put together an initial recommendation and priorities for jump starting your marketing plan. It's like a mashup of marketing and project management. It's the start of that momentum


step three:

We'll meet 1:1 every other week to collaborate on the deeper strategic planning and to determine action items for you, your team and outside agencies. You'll continue to have access to me anytime between our calls via Voxer, Email or DMs


step four:

We review what's working, what isn't and grow, update, or pivot the plan as needed. Virtual Marketing Mind is a monthly subscription and can continue as long as you need support. I've found that a minimum six month commitment ($895/month) works best

wondering if this program is for you?

I currently offer my Virtual Marketing Mind subscription program to a variety of business types and industries. It works best for...

Marketing leaderS OF CORPORATE In-House TEAMS



As a client, you'll also get:

strategic marketing plan template

I've researched, downloaded, borrowed, updated, amended and summarized a variety of marketing plan templates over the years. But, I always come back to the same template. It guides you through your planning process and gives you the ability to develop a summary for BUSY COMPANY LEADERSHIP. You'll receive the template and together, we'll get you on the path to a finished plan


access to my little black book of freelancers

I know how hard it is to find contractors you trust, are easy to work with, and deliver great work (on time). I've sourced freelancers from a variety of websites, groups and teams I've previously worked with. Many worked out, some did not. My NETWORK OF SPECIALISTS has been developed over time and I'm happy to refer them to my clients. Because, when budgets are tight and teams are small, you'll need all the outside resources you can get to implement your marketing vision


resource review

I'm always amazed when I start talking with potential clients about what they're already doing to promote their business. Sometimes as busy marketers, we don't realize just HOW MUCH time, resources and teamwork we've already invested into our programs. That's why I always start my onboarding by discussing what my clients have accomplished to-date and determining how we can AMPLIFY those resources going forward. I call it a RESOURCE REVIEW, but it's a tool that works to meet your future goals.


Are you the next marketing leader that's going to get your marketing moving forward?

Hit Apply And Let’s Find Out!

I'm always reviewing applications, but since I have a rotating roster of clients, I take just a few new clients each month.

I'd love to hear more about your goals and figure out if I'm the right partner for you.

First, I have a few questions for you, and then we'll set up a call to make sure I'm answering all your questions.

Together, we'll determine if my Virtual Marketing Mind program is the right fit for you. And, if it's not, what other options are available to you.

Strategy + Creativity + Practicality =

more marketing milestones

About Geri Shaw

Geri Shaw is a Marketing Communications Strategist that has worked for a variety of industries within the consumer, B2B and non-profit sectors. She works closely with management, marketing, product and sales teams to develop strategies to communicate their stories to the community, team members and current and potentials clients.

Geri's career began in advertising media planning at Chiat/Day and Rubin Postaer in Los Angeles. Her accounts included Nissan, NutraSweet, Quaker State and Honda. Most recently, Geri headed up the in-house marketing teams of several B2B corporations.

Between her experience in traditional media and the new media and marketing landscape, she's familiar with the challenges of stretching budgets across a variety of channels.

Geri has a bachelor's degree in Communications/Advertising from the California State University at Fullerton and continues to advance her skills in new media with online certifications and by working with top talent in advertising, public relations, event planning and digital marketing.

Geri spent six years as an elementary school librarian while raising her boys and often says it provided more experience in marketing and storytelling than any of her other roles.